Any chance for a react native implementation (similar to Builder X)?

I would kill for a react native implementation directly in Pinegrow (similar to Builder X ), especually if it was possible to use/integrate it with Hyperview (a server side UI implementation built on react native ) which would allow it to work together almost seamlessly with WordPress (and use the built in WordPress theme builder with it).

I tested this using the rss feed of WordPress to serve the UI in XML form to the app.

Any chance this could ever happen?
(Or am I sounding like a crazy person trying to shoehorn an rss feed into a makeshift server side UI endpoint? Feel free to ask me questions about that by the way)



@Roel it does look interesting, but with all that we have on our plate right now, I don’t think we will get around to implementing this. Maybe an opportunity for a 3rd party plugin developer?