Beautiful Websites


I already talk about alternative … it’s way less powerful than Flash + AS3… thanks I know all that solutions. I speaking about something to mix every medias and related in the immersion of the user with actions available to him to get through his/her experience.

Anyway. There’s not such a thing appart to code a standalone application. As what I have in mind share a lot things like a GAME finally.


One of the websites I posted has an excellent example of animation used correctly, Very simple and blends in with the design.

Excellent video also


When it comes to simple and elegant design and based on grid system
I found the Vermilion project showcase by adobe by Serge Vasil, beautiful.
or here and look for Vermilion :

I like how he break the grid nicely on that one.
I also like the mobile navbar in full screen menu.


White space, grey, black, elegant typography and excellent images, it just screams high end, classy and this is this beauty of PInegrow, you could visually recreate layouts such as this, if using the software as a visual editor.

@Rob and @earnoud know why I posted this thread (It was partly as a laugh) because I’m currently working on a charity website using Zoho! and I’m learning how to develop a Stripe payment form!

If you want a classy looking template, check this out:


Download that template, open it up in PInegrow and study the CSS and its a good way for anyone to learn (for anyone whos still struggling to understand Pinegrow and CSS).

This was one of the ways I improved my CSS as I would notice developers used certain properties, so I would read up on these properties, understand why they were applied, improving my CSS and again Pinegrow allows for this as a way to learn how to build beautiful websites.


I found some nice looking building blocks by the foundation, dare to check them?

here is the links:

Thank You!


thanks @itsmeleo I saw them when I started to experiment with Foundation, are you now using the Foundation Framework?

Maybe in the future Pinegrow will have Foundation Blocks?


I agree very much so with the links - it visually breaks the rigid-grid look that most websites are presented as nowadays!