A way for clients to edit pages

Hey everyone,

I’ve been growing a lot of interest about Pinegrow, the only thing is I don’t understand the CMS part of it.

If I were to release a website for my client, how would they be able to edit the page? Would they also have to purchase Pinegrow, or would it leach of a copy of mine?

I make static websites that are meant to be low maintenance, however, if my client wants to change some text on the page, I’d allow them to. In this case, how would I go about allowing them to edit their page without me having to be there and waisting time?

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@Korba.ca I guess today is your lucky day because there is a new release of Pinegrow and now there’s Pinegrow CMS. This could be the solution you’re looking for to solve this situation.

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Great timing of your question - we just released Pinegrow CMS today :slight_smile:

The idea is too keep things simple and 100% in HTML.

To make any HTML site CMS-ready, you just need to open it in Pinegrow PRO and define editable areas. Also, if some editable areas contain collections of items (for example Team area contains Team members), you can define a Team member component and tell the editable area that it can contain only Team members.

Then, you install Pinegrow for your clients and set it to run in CMS mode with simplified UI. In CMS mode only editable areas can be edited.

Each client needs a separate Pinegrow license. For that purpose we have a special CMS Client license that costs just $20, one time payment.

Read more about Pinegrow CMS here, a tutorial is included:


So each client will have to pay $20 is there a unlimited license option at all?

Yes. But we’re open to suggestions. Something like $X / year for unlimited client licenses might work as well.

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Hi guys,

so clients will edit stuff “locally” using Pinegrow and have then to push it live themselves?

Hm - doubting if this is something I’d like to see my clients doing. Of course I might be wrong though.



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For now PG doesn’t handle uploads.

A couple of options we’re considering:

  • Built-in FTP/SFTP client
  • Option to define command to run when Publish button is pressed. Like shell script, git command or similar.

In the meantime the workaround can be a publish command as a shortcut on client’s computer that will run the preferred mode of transport. Then instruct client to run that after making changes in PG.


One suggestion - use this as a way to train your clients, simply set-up filezilla on their machine, create a bookmark for their website, which means the bookmark would have a local directory associated with server directory, so all the client has to do is save their work in PG CMS, open filezilla, click their saved bookmark and publish.

I would also edit the settings of filezilla to allow sync of file/folders only if source is newer.

For this purpose I can recommend the freeware version of Fling FTP:
With the program, the files can be uploaded automatically or very easy manually (one click).
I have already installed it several times at my friends, works perfectly.
The freeware version is available at the bottom left.


Is there not a way to leave a created page open to build in wordpress still via something like Sitebuilder?

I need to be able to have a standard template that is customised via the page content still in wordpress, rather than by the customiser.

Anybody have any ideas? I still cant get a PG wordpress template to work with plugins like Ultimate member, which is really slowing me down :frowning:



@danchapuk: Maybe you can have a look at this:

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HI Earnoud,

So there is only a paid addon/option for this?

Do you think this kind of functionality will be in 3.0?



Using ACF is a perfect example of what can be achieved with both visual web editing in Pinegrow and WordPress features and extensions (plugins).

Pinegrow is a Web Editor with super powers and the idea is not to duplicate WordPress features but work almost seamlessly with it. :wink:

For my needs I use dropkick cms (https://justdropkick.com/cms/).
This littele tool is perfect for my clients and you only have to pay once ($ 29,-).



There are plenty of other really nice full featured and inexpensive Flat File CMS and CMS options now days for people to chose from as well:

  • Pulse CMS
  • October CMS
  • Grav CMS
  • Respond CMS
  • SiteCake CMS
  • GetSimple CMS
  • Craft CMS
  • Typesetter CMS
  • Statamic CMS
  • DropKick CMS
  • Kirby CMS
  • Perch CMS
  • Surreal CMS
  • Cushy CMS
  • Jekyll
  • etc.,

Some of which are:

  • very polished
  • easy to implement
  • rapidly and actively developed
  • offer many add-ons
  • user extendable
  • brand-able
  • inexpensive
  • etc.,

Of course you can always roll your own as well. I think I believe seeing @Terry44 stating he has his own that he uses for his sites. I’m sure others do as well.

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You missed out my favourite https://www.couchcms.com

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A client editing a ‘static’ page is fine but what about functionality that needs records e.g. You have a list of events and each event links to a detailed page. And the events are displayed in order of date and automatically move to a past events section. So you have

Upcoming Events

Event 4 - Dec 1, 2017
Event 5 - Dec 2, 2017

Past Events

Event 3 - Nov 25, 2017
Event 2 - Nov 24, 2017
Event 1 - Nov 12, 2017

Wouldn’t it make sense to have an interface with a form where the client simply adds a new record with info?

Link is broken…

Ooops. link(s) fixed.

Yes definately a built in FTP client where we can set it up for the client as we passover the CMS edit version of Pinegrow would be fantastic…are there any issues with Secured servers?