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Block Plugin not working


Hello together,

I have a problem with the Pinegrow Blocks Plugin “chocka-blocks-PG3x”.

When I try to drag the blocks onto the canvas, the graphics are not loaded. Only the lyrics but no backgrounds.
The standard blocks of pinegrow work.
Here are screenshots to help you understand the problem:

I have tried with Bootrap 3, Bootrap 4 and Bottrap Blocks unfortunately, no success.

How i installed it:
-Load from Website
-unzip the file
-go to “Libraries and Plugin Manager”
-click on “Load plugin” and load the plugin
-activate the Plugin.

I use macOS High Sierra and the Pinegrow version 4.6

I hope someone can help me. Maybe the Plugin is not compatible with the new version of Pinegrow?? Or the version of Pinegrow have a bug?
I have already written to the support plugin team but unfortunately get no answer

Thank you!


@manu1505, You can try support, @benhanna:



That is NOT the CHOCKA BLOCKS Plugin, its Cards which is opened as a project in Pinegrow

I did not get a chance to look into your email.Wanted to test the download first as it was taken down before and only recently added back.

So with this download, just unzip it to your desktop and open the folder as a project in Pinegrow then open the blank.html file and you should be good.

I have not tested this one on the newer version of Pinegrow, it was created when Pinegrow 2 was out but no other reports of issues. Hopefully will release a version that does open as a Plugin like chocka blocks

Here are the full install instructions (at the bottom)

THIS is Chocka Blocks and follows your original install method