I have problem with startup-blocks pro

[Problem solve] I have reinstall program and plugin and now everything is ok.

I purchase 700 Pinegrow Blocks on 28 June but many block like navigation block cant used it show blank page on pinegrow editor, Ex. i have 8 navigation block [ Startup block ] but i can used only navigation block 1 , 2 ,3 only what the problem i look on css file su-main.css and su-style.css but i dont know how to fix it. what css class effected on navigation block 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 ,8

Hi @macross013,

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Were you referring to Blocks that you purchased from pluginsforpinegrow .com by chance?

If so, they are actually a third party provider not directly affiliated with Pinegrow. I believe they have their own direct support help-desk for support of the Blocks and products they sell if you require it via their site. The creator of that site @benhanna does post here about his offerings, etc., also at times.

Just a simple heads up for future reference that the two are not actually related, aside from those 3rd party products being made for use with Pinegrow.