Blocks, symbols and theme customising - what's the relation?

Hi! Trying out PG and I’m a bit confused. Is it possible to apply theme customising to all Pingrow BS4 blocks at once? Can we apply themeing to blocks at all? Are blocks symbols already?

As I understand, currently it works like:

  1. add block to page
  2. convert block to symbol (or is it a symbol already)
  3. customize BS theme

My use case is: I am UX/UI designer creating website mockups (not final websites) for different clients, so I’d like to have a sections/blocks/symbols library or starter kit I could customize when launching the next new project. What’s the best workflow in Pinegrow to achieve this?

For example, if I launch a new BS4 blocks project and choose page template, the blocks to add are in different style, than sections on the page. So, how can I apply a single theme on them both? There’s no “Customize BS theme” link in “Page” menu dropdown, I have to add another page to get this option? Why, what’s going on there?


Hi @Vunts,
I’m not quite sure what you mean by “symbol”. Do you mean snippet?

For the customize BS theme, do you have your page saved as a project? This can only be applied to a project.

All of your pages and the blocks can share a single stylesheet, which means changes to one will be reflected across all of the blocks.

Happy to help more,

I think maybe that by symbols he means reusable components.

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