How to edit single post template (block based) from WP Dashboard?


I have a blocks.html file in my Pinegrow WP project which stores all my blocks which are being used on Homepage, Individual Pages. Now I started working on the single post template file. I am confused how can I edit the single post template file from wp-admin and add blocks for the layout just like I added the blocks on Homepage in Gutenberg editor. I have seen in a FSE site that I can add modify the single post template from wp-admin. Can the same be done with Pinegrow just like we do for the pages?


What will be the implications if I use a FSE theme with Pinegrow plugin? Will I still be able to completely style all blocks and woocommerce elements through the plugin?

It seems I cannot override woocommerce layouts from a pinegrow plugin.

Any insights you can offer on this? @matjaz

Not sure I understand. In general, any blocks created with PG and exported as a plugin can be used as post content, sidebar content and in FSE.

Yes. On difference is that with plugin it is not possible to include a theme-wide stylesheet into the Block editor with Editor Stylesheet options in PG Theme / Plugin settings. Any stylesheets need to be added on the Block action.

Try setting the Templete Variant as described here:

This causes the PG code to process the template and search for it in the plugin as well. By default, WC only looks for templates in the theme folder.

Thanks for this tutorial. It still didn’t override the layout when I am using Pinegrow as a plugin. If I use it as a theme then it’s able to override.

@Pinegrow_Learner thanks for the update. I’ll look into it.

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