How to edit single post template (block based) from WP Dashboard?


I have a blocks.html file in my Pinegrow WP project which stores all my blocks which are being used on Homepage, Individual Pages. Now I started working on the single post template file. I am confused how can I edit the single post template file from wp-admin and add blocks for the layout just like I added the blocks on Homepage in Gutenberg editor. I have seen in a FSE site that I can add modify the single post template from wp-admin. Can the same be done with Pinegrow just like we do for the pages?


What will be the implications if I use a FSE theme with Pinegrow plugin? Will I still be able to completely style all blocks and woocommerce elements through the plugin?

It seems I cannot override woocommerce layouts from a pinegrow plugin.

Any insights you can offer on this? @matjaz

Not sure I understand. In general, any blocks created with PG and exported as a plugin can be used as post content, sidebar content and in FSE.

Yes. On difference is that with plugin it is not possible to include a theme-wide stylesheet into the Block editor with Editor Stylesheet options in PG Theme / Plugin settings. Any stylesheets need to be added on the Block action.

Try setting the Templete Variant as described here:

This causes the PG code to process the template and search for it in the plugin as well. By default, WC only looks for templates in the theme folder.

Thanks for this tutorial. It still didn’t override the layout when I am using Pinegrow as a plugin. If I use it as a theme then it’s able to override.

@Pinegrow_Learner thanks for the update. I’ll look into it.

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@matjaz Were you able to take a look? This is one thing which is holding me to complete the tutorial which I am making for Pinegrow.

@Pinegrow_Learner this will be out in the next release:

Creating plugins with WooCommerce blocks that implement custom freestyle layouts.

For example, you will be able to create a block that will show one or more products with custom layout and styling for WC elements such as title, price, image etc. Such block will use layout defined in the plugin, not the one defined in the theme.

But, you will not be able to override general WC templates from the plugin. That would lead to a poor architecture, because in WC-land, only themes are supposed to override those templates.

What kind of tutorial are you making?

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Thanks @matjaz

I think that will be enough. I’ll place the block via FSE and that will cover all the needs.

I am making a full site build tutorial.

Just tested 6.8 @matjaz You did an amazing job! I have tested a custom pinegrow woo block and it works amazing in the fse. I think Pinegrow surpasses every other wp builder with this development. Do you have any public roadmap for Pinegrow? Very curious to know what’s cooking for the future. Bricks builder have a nice roadmap with the ability to share feedback on the same. Take a look here. Roadmap – Bricks (

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Since 2014, we are constantly working on improving Pinegrow based on input from our community and sometimes we make important announcements about future features, but we have chosen not to detail our internal roadmap.

This allows us to manage our agenda according to our own expectations, our priorities, our emergencies and possible technical situations that could disrupt/slow down/stop the good progress :slight_smile:


Thanks @Pinegrow_Learner! Can you share what you did?

I just did a sample test for now. A product loop which I placed in my fse theme in woo catalog template and single product page blocks which I placed in single product page template in FSE. I’ll be back to writing the tutorial. I’ll share once I am done. So many possibilities in my mind right now to try with Pinegrow.