Bootstrap 5.1.0

There is nothing tricky when you implement a terminal in a web-editor

So, have you done this? Dealt with streams, threading, character rendering, colors, etc?

RE: 250 websites

Well, yes, everything you are describing works great with an external Terminal app.

What about that would be improved by integrating the Terminal directly into Pinegrow vs just tabbing over?

It will offer the same improvements as Terminus in Sublime Text and the Terminal in VS code (Aptana in the past) etc. etc.
The integrated Terminals are not there without a good reason! If the tabbing option you are referring to was much easier they would have made them like that!

Both have a integrated Terminal at the bottom of the app (like the Terminal plugin in Pinegrow) that you can place where you want and implicates distraction free working in both panels without the need of tabbing or losing any sight on the total project. I tried all kinds of NPM apps and the integrated ones work much easier and better.

Example: If you want to install Bootstrap or update Bootstrap in Pinegrow and you have a build system in Pinegrow you only have to put some npm install code in the integrated terminal and see in Pinegrow at the same time your project being updated or installed without losing sight, floating panels or any other distraction. You just stay full screen and everything happens in one panel with the editor, terminal etc…

Again, to each their own workflow, expectations, preferences etc…
For me, using iTerm as a companion application is fine, but I can understand that others may think differently and wish to have everything in one place.
In any case, this is not currently offered in Pinegrow and for the time being, external solutions are a great alternative.

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iTerm2 probably might give the user experience you are trying to achieve, check this out - How to turn iTerm2 into a slide-out terminal (visor mode) - YouTube

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Thanks for the video! Have seen the slide-out terminal before but prefer a integrated terminal, because of the earlier stated points.

I think there is a bit of clarity required here. I want to understand what advantage you see in using the terminal within Pinegrow vs using it externally?

Let’s say you have an external terminal like iTerm2 cd’ed into your project root where package.json lives. You run npm install lodash and the terminal completes installing the package. Or you run npm i and all the packages in your package.json gets installed within node_modules folder of your project.

Are you expecting Pinegrow to show this newly installed package under node_modules instantly? If you remove this in your settings, then you should be able to see your node_modules and installed packages within Pinegrow file structure.

Wouldn’t a tool like iTerm2 do the job which slide in/out (which is better) on top of Pinegrow or any other dev app you use - deliver the same UX? Sliding in and hiding out with keyboard shortcut means this panel is not going to eat into the Pinegrow real estate.

I’m working on one project at a time and having this open in two editors like Pinegrow & Vs-code seems easy. But your situation is different, obviously opening numerous projects & constantly switching between them might means having them open in two editors will be really hard. But having an external terminal like iTerm2 that slides in/out might solve this difficulty you might have. Only inconvenience is that you will have to cd into the current project root (opened in Pinegrow) in your terminal which is a negligible effort.

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I still use TotalTerminal
on Mac Mojave… not supposed to work… unsupported, but it does.

This works with the Standard Mac Terminal.

This followed on from their orignal Visor

but… we are…waaaaaaay off track for Bootstrap 5.1.0 Topic :stuck_out_tongue:

One last bit - at least on macOS, I use to keep my screens organized. Great for stuff like tabbing to a Terminal and then moving it to a particular spot.

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