PG Devtool Extension progression Bootstrap 5 build in terminal Pinegrow


Today I managed to install a Bootstrap 5 build system in Pinegrow Windows 10 with Browsersync (server) @ehigiepaul is working on it and it’s looking better every time he updates the extension.The Mac version is not working yet, but I can’t wait to test that too!

I’m glad I use Pinegrow and did’t expect this development to happen that soon!

It implicates that you can install/clone all depositories, update/install Bootstrap (and any other framework) or install/update any dependency (plugins/scrips) in the world on Github with the Pinegrow terminal. I’m going to make a tutorial about this and how to make your custom build system with BS5.

WOW!!! :heart_eyes:

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This version has the fix for the script running issue.
Try it out and thanks for all the amazing support you have offered on this project.
Lets make PG better. That my new slogan.:beers:


This shows the Monaco editor in combination with the Terminal. On the image you can see browser sync in action showing the page that is open in the editor every change in any file reflexes in the browser.

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