Add a Terminal :)


Could you add a Terminal ?

Very useful for running preprocessor builds or running git commands without exiting fullscreen mode

Thank you

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Hi @JoseFR,

There was a terminal plugin created that I beta tested on Windows and Mac in Pinegrow. I was able to create a build system in Pinegrow with that terminal. Unfortunately because of a narrow minded view on pressent technology in webdesign it’s development was stopped by the Pinegrow developers!

The plugin worked on Windows, but had still problems on Mac.

So I went back to Sublime Text and the Terminus terminal to use Pinegrow only for mock-up and animations, because it’s not suited for pro webdesign.



Hi @AllMediaLab,
We really appreciate your enthusiasm and love for Pinegrow, but we feel the need to clarify. The terminal plugin was being developed by a 3rd party. Since that time, yes, the 3rd party did come on board the team to bring the Monaco editor into the program. However, it was his decision not to further develop the plugin. It WAS NOT stopped by the “Pinegrow Developers”. You have been told this previously after similar comments. This is libelous and potentially damaging to the Pinegrow business. You can and have voiced your opinion on the suitability of Pinegrow for professional development - even on the forum that Pinegrow hosts. But spreading mistruths - after you have been told they are mistruths - won’t be tolerated.

But spreading mistruths - after you have been told they are mistruths - won’t be tolerated.

It’s clearly explained in multiple posts by Pinegrow staff that they don’t go for a terminal:

And read this article and you know enough:

I donated for the terminal project and was involved in the testing an got a message that it was decided to discontinue the terminal development. So before using such a strong language against me read those post and article I linked and point me out where I can find the enthusiasm for a terminal in Pinegrow by the Pinegrow staff!

And you can delete my forum account now!

aaaaaand… relax…sigh

Have a word @ehigiepaul about it @AllMediaLab , he is the funky creative dude who should be able to put your mind at ease…

I hope.

and dont go… I’d miss you <3

You might not see me much around here…but thats because I do enjoy a good Lurk

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This seams to be a hot topic :slight_smile:

A built-in terminal could be useful, but the alternative of running a terminal next to PG is so easy, that implementing it doesn’t justify the effort and various complications in getting the terminal to run on all platforms.

So we decided not to work on that in the context of the core PG team. But we never prevented @ehigiepaul or anybody else to continue to work on such plugin on their own.

“pro webdesign” means different things to different people and PG fits some users / use-cases, and not others. And, the ability to use PG non-exclusively, alongside other dev tools, just like you describe, is our best feature.

We won’t be doing that of course. @AllMediaLab you are a valuable member of our community.

Terminal is a good option but I think people know command line stuff would be able to use bash separately while PineGrow is open. I use PG for HTML+CSS design using TailWindCSS and develop code separately using Visual Studio Code for my Django projects. Having terminal in the PG window side-by-side would be cool like VS Code but I understand if it’s extra effort to develop. But from a design point of view, designers-only won’t have much use of terminal so it depends what % of PG are pure-designers vs design+developers.

Glad you are honest about this, because that’s exactly what I mean! Of course you can not forbid someone to produce a terminal plugin, but not supporting the idea in the team (not to work on the terminal in the context of the core PG team) explains why it never made it in Pinegrow! So what I said sounds a bit harsh at first, but when thinking about it it is exactly what happened. I have the emails about this as well so it’s not new to me!

No it’s not, because I use Sublime Text (used by 17 million people) and it doesn’t play well together with Pinegrow, that was confirmed by @RobM a couple of weeks ago. I have complained about this for more then 2 years now, but no solution.

You know what is damaging to the Pinegrow business? Not being honest and transparant about something and not listening to your users. I had constant contact with the developer of the plugin by mail! And suddenly I never heard anything from him!

@matjaz explained clearly how the story around the terminal evolved and for me that sounds as not supporting the idea of a terminal in Pinegrow simple as that!
So I’m not spreading lies, it’s the reality! Otherwise the Pinegrow team had accomplished a terminal in a month time I guess But now Paul was on his own and stopped the development. What would you do in such a situation with such a complex plugin?

I tried all that kind of stuff, but it’s not stable and working in a reliable matter (without a sync plugin save problems), the reason why terminus is implemented in Sublime and not aside to it (the same for VS code) is because it’s not user friendly to use it aside.

Hi @AllMediaLab,

Are you open to consider Vs-code as an alternate editor to try-out in your workflow?

If so, that might help! Vs-code has come a long way!

It’s my understanding that from the pg-core team’s perspective, terminal support has been & is still it a feature request + Matjaz’s clarifications on it. They never worked on the terminal!

I’m assuming Paul’s independent terminal plugin implementation had some blockers on mac os and hence probably he paused it.

It would definitely be a great addition as an external plugin if Paul resumes working on it… fingers-crossed!

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Yes I have VS code as well, but Sublime text works smoother and much faster (use it from the beginning of the app’s existence).

I have a Sublime Subscription for my company including a lot of purchased and donated for plugins. I must say VS code is not bad at all and I keep it here in case Sublime Text has a issue temporarily.

Never understood why Atom has a sync plugin and Sublime Text with 17 million user not!

I agree!

(ok… I am inclined to agree with the SublimeText bit… hint hint… but! as I’m a pretty slack PG user as of late…I am in no place to whine like a big gurl- So I’ll shut up… but yeah… SublimeText :wink: what he said :smiley: )

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My be because sublime plugins can be written only in Python unlike Vs-code & Atom (extensions are written in javascript) :thinking:


In addition to requiring the plugin to be written with Python - Sublime text also would likely require purchase of a license, potentially with multiple seats.

Here is and interesting survey from 2021 about Which development environments developers used regularly over the past year, and which they want to work with over the next year.

I should also point out that when we first offered the Atom plugin (in Pinegrow V2.x), this editor was not in maintenance mode as it seems to be today and it was not only free, but extremely popular. If I remember well, more popular than VSCODE and probably Sublime are today.

Fashions change, needs evolve, everyone’s workflows change and so long after, it is tricky to comment on why one solution and not another :slight_smile:

But as far as Sublime is concerned, I can say with some certainty that a plugin is not planned to be proposed in the more or less near future.

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Sublime Text works as long as you wish for free, only when using it professionally you are supposed to buy a yearly subscription. When using it private you buy a 3 years license. But if you don’t buy it you have it for free and it is fully functional.

The 3 years cost $ 99,- and I pay yearly $ 65,-


I did once message them and explained that I had been playing and tinkering with thier lovely text editor for a good while, but wasn’t a pro, but I’d like to support them so could I just pay SOMETHING to them?
Only PineGrow and SublimeText ever had this affect on me :slight_smile:

They replied, no thats ok, just pay the licence when You start using it which was £79 then.

Oh this never sent! lets see if it will now then