Both DOS and UNIX style line endings

Hi, I used the PG starter theme (v2) and in Pinegrow 4.9 and then closed it, opened up the exported WordPress theme in another editor and made some edits adding some of the things that Pinegrow can’t do and then saved those files. I used WordPress’s “official” “Theme Check” plugin to check the theme and one of the errors I got, for several files, every php file I opened in the other editor (but not the CSS files I edited), in fact, was:

Both DOS and UNIX style line endings were found in the file index.php . This causes a problem with SVN repositories and must be corrected before the theme can be accepted. Please change the file to use only one style of line endings.

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Hi Texx,

This does not happen with untouched files (I mean the PHP files produced by Pinegrow during an export) so I guess you have edited the PHP theme files with a misconfigured external editor or another tool.


Well, I would imagine if you open your file in Wordpad; Select-all, Cut and Paste into Notepad; and then Save it – everything will now be CR/LF and should pass the test.