Brackets integration?

I see there is Atom integration, I personally do not use that editor but do use Brackets and NotePad++ as my two main editors. Is there any integration planned for Brackets or will Pinegrow just auto update when the files are updated?

Maybe I don’t understand what the Atom integration is or does.

Hmmm… That’s what I thought it was. I don’t use Atom but I do Brackets though I have been using Notepad++ a little more. I used to use phpStorm and other IDE’s but I just kept going back to Notepad++ and Brackets which I like more for an IDE than say Sublime Text which I used for a while. I tried Atom but Brackets was a little easier to use and I didn’t need all the extra stuff Atom had.

I use Brackets as my main editor as well and it works perfectly fine. I don’t see any need of switching to anything else.
My personal workflow is Pinegrow -> Brackets -> CodeKit (Mac only!) in this ensured to “auto refresh” alterations made outside Pinegrow.



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I have windows 10 so no mac plugins here. I have the plugin for brackets that auto refreshes chrome from brackets and that works well but didn’t know if there was something needed for Pinegrow or not like what they have for Atom. Just seems that the extra step of saving the file will auto update both Pinegrow and Brackets so that is acceptable.

Thanks for your response.

@Terry44 without any plugin Brackets Works with Pinegrow flawlessly just try to edit anything in brackets it will reflect instantly in Pinegrow as well

Thank You!

I did not know this. When I was testing PG out I mainly stayed within it. When I purchase I will try this and see how it works, my trial has expired.

I tried this but it doesn’t work, I have to save the page first then I get a popup warning in Pinegrow about reloading the page due to an external edit. If you are saying it is suppose to work like it does in Atom where you type stuff or change stuff in Brackets and it auto appears in Pinegrow, please let me know how you did that because I don’t see that here.

Yes, you have to save and changes will reload in the Pinegrow.

+1 - Feature Request – Brackets Live Edit Integration with Pinegrow @matjaz

matjaz (Pinegrow creator) wrote the Atom plugin

I too would love to see a Brackets Extension integrated with Live Edit for Pinegrow also. I can’t particularly say why, but I too am partial to Brackets in many ways.

I had a quick look around and could not really find examples of Brackets Extensions talking to another app. I did find “brackets-to-photoshop”.

Someone hack one together :wink:

There is several browser integration plugins. One I just found does what Pinegrow has with the multiple views in one window. “Live preview for Responsive” is the plugin but actually I may delete it since I have Pinegrow and it is easier to use than this plugin.

I actually installed a crap load of extensions into Brackets including one that allows to edit the UI Theme and not just the Editor window. Lots of plugins and many themes from Atom are compatible too or maybe they were ported, dunno…

Ugh. I need to go to bed, I actually have that one installed also. When my google research skills tank, it’s time to hit the sack. But yeah that’s perhaps a nice example to review and pull from. GoodNight. :wink:

I think something official has not yet, unfortunately.

Since this thread was created and my posts, I have actually dropped Brackets as an editor and moved to Atom and now am using Visual Studio Code more and Pinegrow has integration with both of those now.