BUG REPORT Lost entire contents of my CSS file - twice!

Totally loving editing my CSS visually in PG3.04, but I’m still very frustrated by the times I get everything right in PG, export the theme and I’m not seeing the same thing. I dealt with this in detail in another post, but no suggestions forthcoming, so I simplified (went back to straight CSS, not SASS) in case I had been doing that wrongly, but then a couple of times, I’ve had the experience of exporting the theme and finding that all the changes were gone, and in fact all of my CSS was being ignored - in fact, the file length was zero - everything gone!

However, back in PG, I could see everything - the “internal” version of my css was intact, but I couldn’t get PG to write it out to the CSS file. (In the end I listed each changed rule and copied and pasted it to a backup of my css, and hoped I didn’t miss anything.)

This happened twice before I stopped beating my head against the wall.

Anyone else see this? Is there a way to force PG to “write” the CSS from it’s internal version?



There is now a confirmed issue with external CSS and the current v3.04. It will be solved in the next update very shortly.

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Waiting with eager anticipation!

Me too! I have had problems with the inline css, so put it in a .css file to keep things straight.

It seems it was not resolved in v3.05. Thanks god I have backups.

@Highlands_Kid & @achilles177 Can you please clearly describe the issue you are facing with CSS and V3.05?

Hi Emmanue:

I have moved to using inline stylesheets on my pages to speed up things
when analyzing the pages with Page Insights

I was using V3.04 at the time and when I saved the page and left it, I
found the inline stylesheet code had disappeared and the page was
rendering without CSS.

I then made a CSS file and attached it to the page on a new site I was
working on. This cleared up the problem.

I have tried it this morning on 3.05 and the problem seems to have

I was re-designing a site http://www.woodartsigns.ca/ that had been
developed on Dreamweaver in 2006, and I was attempting to keep the same
look, but using up to date coding.
The index page is done, and I am completing the others as they have some
different pictures.

Thanks for your noticing my comment. I enjoy using your latest update to
the program, as I am discovering all the interesting ways to use the new
I have been using the W3C schools https://www.w3schools.com/ as a
reference for whatever work I do as it is not full of bloatware.

Just to add some details. My original bug report was concerning an external css file. My reference to the “internal version” was nothing to do with inline css, and referred to however Pinegrow records css within the application.

For the record, on 3.05, I have not (yet) lost the contents of my css file, but I’m still experiencing some strange behaviour:

  1. Active elements display still needs refresh from time to time
  2. CSS in external file gets reformatted (rule 2 starts on the same line as rule 1 ends, for example)
  3. CSS changes are still not dealt with independently from html changes. All I change is the CSS, but Pinegrow shows (for example) category.html changed

That’s what I can remember.



Hi all, I suppose the issue I’m seeing may be related to this bug. I have version 3.06

Changes I make in a css file when editing the “code” of the css file are not saved permanently. They will for the session however. I can get it to save permanently if I delete my css file out of pinegrow directory and then make my changes then hit save. If use other features in pinegrow that change the css file like “add rule” then those seem to be working fine.

Repro Steps For Changes Not Saved:

  1. Go to style sheet panel
  2. Switch to code mode “<>” for css file
  3. Add some rules manually
  4. Save
  5. Go to css file in pinegrow directory and open with some other text editor
  6. Changes not visible

Repro Steps For Changes Saved:

  1. Go to style sheet panel
  2. Switch to code mode “<>” for css file
  3. DELETE css file from pinegrow directory
  4. Add some rules manually
  5. Save
  6. Go to css file in pinegrow directory and open with some other text editor
  7. Changes visible



Sorry, this is a really nasty bug and we missed it in 3.07. We’re already testing the fix and will push it out asap.