Can I use Pinegrow to build a theme for Wordpress using Foundation 6?

Sorry if this is somewhat obvious, I have been looking for clarification but couldnt see it.

Thank you in advance. I currently build themes using Foundation 6 but I need an option for my less savvy marketing team to be able to edit stuff.

Hi there @simplySylvan, you might want to just add a bit more info so the more experienced in team sized web dev types could help you out.

ie, do you mean for them to just be able to edit the content of static html sites you have created?
(you might try PineGrow in CMS mode?


Please note, the above links are for an older interface, I cant find ones for a more current version, but the principles are the same.

Or to be able to edit the THEMES you have created? ( I don’t think you mean this)
Or just the CONTENT in the themes you have created? which will be a different answer :slight_smile: