Can Pinegrow read a Visual Studio Code project?

I am using Visual Studio Code and am working on a very basic project just putting together some html and css. If I create a page in VSC, will I then be able to connect it with PG via the extension and have PG pull that in to be seen in its visual editor like I am seeing with the Live Server extension?

I might try and do some CSS Grid work in VSC as well as CSS Variables.

Yep, it shouldn’t be a problem, that’s what the Plugin is for, but wait! hang on!
Pinegrow will only DISPLAY the HTML, CSS code combo (it will tell you that it cant edit Javascript etc)

…and You might have a problem :smiley:

witth…auto save! and code formatting.

check this advice out



here for formatting

I have been using VSCode and I highly recommend it.

I also recommend that you set up GULP properly to automate Sass compiles and watch for changes, and then spit everything out live as you make those changes.

Do you have a link to a nice, Not Uber Nerdy guide to doing this stuff, which doesnt involve installing a shedload of other stuff first, on a Mac would be nice in order to get this done young man?

Young?!? rofl :rofl: we can’t all be young… I’m your age… heeheehee.

Now you’re going to have to make me look… I think it was a video (ferSure!).

I’ll have a looksy, but hafta warn-ya that some-timers is a creepin’ in! :face_with_thermometer:

note: Why, looky… Kevin is showing you how to do it on a Mac (ur in luck!:four_leaf_clover:).

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sorry for delay there @Pervasive, this sent me off on a whoooooole new long, ball game…
I have been dabbling.
In amongst vaccinating horses and moving their poo around (I still have two healthy ones…yay!)

…My jury is really still not out on the whole …downloading and installing 250+MB of Node packages into a project just to do something that …well,l live reload plugins and sass compiler plugins can do in an editor that I would have in tandem with PineGrow (or on its own.)
But its very interesting and I get the whole “Well, if your working as a team player” kind of thing.

I shall dabble more again :slight_smile:But I really like some of this guys stuff! cheers for the heads up.
and some of it is slightly skippy over the yucky parts or say nothing and not explain it very well/at all but on the whole I really like his stuff.
Ive learnt quite a bit already.


I kind of overlooked that part, but I suppose one underwater excursion with your tractor :tractor: (red is it?) while wearing your panda :panda_face: suit, and when you come back it might be finished downloading.

But it is a one-shot download unless you trigger the latest versions. But after it’s all down and working, there are two ways to proceed.

What was suggested is copying the entire folder to start another project.

However, what might make the most sense is to create a default ‘starter’ sprout :seedling: project folder and copy that to start every project.

Hi there, yeah that was suggested but…every project…thats 1GB for 4 simple hello world sites!
This is if you leave the packages in that site for ongoing builds

or are you supposed to copy it to a project… build create, whatever the term is with this malarky, your site, then remove all the node bits out of the project and into the next one, so you are shuffling this 250MB of stuff around from site to site?

and then copying them back to one of your sites for more creative action?

Sheesh. it seems to be more convenient (and easier on the HDD) if I was to use PG’s built in compiler or some such plugin in one of the editors to achieve this task - as a one man band who isn’t part of some corporate team with HDDs the size of wheelie bins, parked in my data silo.

and its grey… kind of primer coloured, no expense spared/spent on the paint job :slight_smile:
I was going to paint it black and white, but people couldn’t see me on it (in my costume, they could definitely see me when I was naked… well, the police could anyway)

nah… I never do what’s suggested if it doesn’t make sense.

It’s been quite some time… into music production now. I just ended all my nightmares by getting rid of Kunaki.

THEY are not “A MACHINE” but a small group of humans (from Brooklyn living in Nevada) getting rich on quoting low prices for CDs, etc., but in reality living ‘high-off-the-hog’ by charging exorbitant over-priced (unrealistic) fees for shipping… as is everyone else, I might add. Only they are saying they are a machine to try and fully avoid customer service.

They aren’t a machine and they don’t even tell the truth! I won’t say everything, but bad-bad Christmas CD experience last year that I will never repeat. They said a CD had shipped (it was personalized)… so I ordered one for my aunt [one day after the first had shipped!]. These two personalized CD covers were swapped, along with 14 others in separate orders… nuff said – I finally ditched them and do all my own printing and assembly (cds and jackets), burning etc., too.

Back on topic: I wrote a piece of code for a complete setup of the VS-Code BSS environment. I created a folder on my desktop “for Schpengle” and placed this compiled setup exe inside it and ran it. It installed everything, brought up VS Code editor and ran Gulp with all dependencies, etc., yada-yada.

The code is 153 KB and it runs on windows, but all it does is write 3 files: index.html, styles.scss, and gulpfile.js, and then writes a batch file: temp.bat and runs/deletes it and writes a output a log file, so in reality you really don’t even need the program.

I told the program to create and use “Schpengle”, and so it created the folder _proj-Schpengle. After completion, inside this folder is 2 folders: node_modules (everything npm/node), and src (what we care about [really]).

There are also 3 files inside “for Schpengle” which are: gulpfile.js, package.json, and package-lock.json. So, nooo, not a big deal, really. The node_modules size is 157 MB, 16994 Files, 2376 Folders.

Everything else (not npm/node): 10 Files, 5 Folders, 684 KB. You only need to move the “src” folder in and out of this project folder. Open VSCode to this project folder (again), and then run Gulp in the terminal window each time you switch projects (which can be rather fast).

Just for grins I compressed everything… the entire “for Schpengle” folder. Using the maximum compression setting, it compresses down to 11.2 MB using WinRAR v5.60. It’s free to all to unrar/decompress without a license.

That’s fantastic…

…but I’m on a Mac