Can´t move elements around


For some reason or other, I have a hard time moving “sections” around, and making them larger.

If I want more space between two sections, or to enlarge a section, how do I do that?

I tried going on the side menu, in the visual Editor on the CSS Style-tab, and then drag the bottom part down, but, although I see the size of the box grow bigger, the section underneath it is as if glued to it´s position, and the box on top just dips into that, instead of pushing it further down.

Another thing is that the section on the bottom of these two here doesn´t seem to be possible to move. It says “can´t move element into itself”.

I´m thoroughly confused here.

Welcome to Pinegrow!

To space an element from its sibling, in the styles panel, scroll down to the margin/padding and add the margin (for the desired direction top, bottom, left or right).

Yeah, I tried that, and it made the section below disappear into the top one.

I tried to pull it upwards just now, and it made the space I wanted, but I can´t seem to use it for anything. If I place an element there, it goes below both sections. I also see that the original section is highlighted in green in the same area as before…

With the spacing control (margin/padding), you are essentially creating css rules on the elements to style them. Can you share your snippets/screenshots to understand the issue you are facing with your page?

This article will be helpful to understand how to work on your elements in Pinegrow.

Specificallly for css styling, please refer to this docs page - The interactive tutorials from Pinegrow’s start-screen is also helpful, easy and practical.


I looked through the guide, but didn´t find anything about this.