Can you customize the new gutenberg blocks editor?

Are we able to add additional control types to the new Gutenberg Block Creator? Specifically, a slider block (for adjusting padding/margins) or a number type that allows for using arrows to increase/decrease numbers. Also, will we be able to have different settings for different screen sizes b/c mobile often needs its own attributes? For more advanced blocks with lots of attributes can we stylize the control panel to have dropdown tabs? -Thanks :grinning:

@jonroc currently, block controls can’t be customized. We can add more control types in future updates. Supporting multiple sidebar panels is also on the table, so that attributes can be grouped in separate panels.

Re different attribute sets / block code for different screen sizes: is that something that WP supports now?


Great news @matjaz. I know that many WordPress g-blocks plugins (like Kadence Blocks) have a tab system in the editor where you can adjust settings for different screen sizes using three different breakpoints. I’m not sure it’s a WordPress feature as much as it is just adding more classes with matching attributes for different screen sizes nicely organized in tabs under a category/group of attributes. So if you come up with a way to have accordion dropdowns for groups of attributes with tabs in each group for mobile, tablet, desktop, etc. then we could build our own CSS that gets applied if one of the mobile or tablet attributes get selected (or just us the attributes to add Bootstrap classes to elements if selected). -Thanks!

The main difference I see here is that blocks plugin like Kadence is a mix of a page builder like Elementor & a blocks builder : You build your blocks design & more directly in WordPress.

With Pinegrow, the HTML/CSS blocks design is done in the super powerful visual HTML editor (responsive or not, you decide), you add the usual WordPress smart actions for the dynamic content, you can build some light customisation options and then you export your theme/blocks plugin.

My (totally personal) feeling is that these are 2 different approach. Currently, with Pinegrow, you don’t export a “site builder”. Pinegrow is the builder and you create a clean WordPress theme with associated clean & powerful blocks :slight_smile:


@Emmanuel I see what you are saying but I’ve never used the Kadence blocks (different from Kadence Themes) as a site builder. I just use them so the client can have features like rows/cols and custom buttons for their blog pages. Depending on the design they may want to hide certain things on mobile or have a smaller font on mobile. So while the blocks are getting close to page building capability they really are just robust blocks that allow clients to build their own blogs/pages. I’d love to be able to make robust blocks with the features clients need to build their own blogs/pages after we’ve created the overall theme/design for the website and custom blocks.

@Emmanuel just said what I wanted to say :slight_smile: It is possible to implement a site builder with WP blocks. For example, imagine every HTML element being a block with controls for TW or BS classes. But not sure how polished the editing experience would be.

@jonroc your use case makes sense. My approach would be to give as few knobs to the user, as possible and to implement high-level classes that let content editors accomplish certain predefined goals.

For example, a block can have Hide on mobile toggle that will add the class .hide-on-mobile to the block. A button could have size / color class settings. That’s easily done with current PGWP blocks.