Gutenberg Blocks Features Requests

Hello, I’ve had a few hours to use the blocks and here are some requests that would help a lot:

  1. A global variable to set the block name base. Right now it takes on the slug of the theme but that is going to cause issues for me with nested blocks and custom block filters/hooks that are currently outside of PG’s capabilities when I make the next theme.
  2. A way to easily add block style options to each block (right now I have to manually assign via JS)
  3. Radio buttons
  4. If we could get a setup similar to PG’s Bootstrap spacing into a G-block that would be awsome:

Also, it would be nice to be able to reorder the block attributes b/c the only way to do add a selection at the top now is to delete everything add the attribute in the first spot, and then add all the other attributes again to the bottom.

For 80% of the new blocks that I’m creating I find myself building all the Flex Bootstrap classes as attributes which takes a lot of time to do for each block. Then I realize it would also be really helpful to add the different breakpoints (like .justify-content-center & .justify-content-lg-start) but I hesitate to add all of these because it would create a mess in the admin. Would it be too hard to add your UI for bootstrap flex (optionally) to each block? It would take using blocks in WP to the next level.


-Thanks for the consideration!

Doing this would probably require developing some kind of custom Block property control, which is a bit out of scope of the PGWP builder.

Do you really need such a fine-gained control for individual block elements?

How about creating a couple of presets and then having a Class attribute with the dropdown?

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