Can you guys suggest me some best JavaScript Chart libraries?

Hello there,
I have request from my client to create interactive charts and graphs in the web app. As they want best data visualization in their app.
I know there have been many blogs out there about JavaScript chart library. Still need some others perspective before using it.

Thanks in advance!

@Trishahere Hi,

You could do it with Pinegrow Interactions and something like Affinity Designer
Create the SVG’s and animate them.

If you’re not good in vector design, you can download Chart’s and Graph’s from places like (need a premium account to get the good stuff!) and animate them with Interactions in Pinegrow. Then you still need Affinity Designer to name, order and color the layers for the animation. you can do that in Pinegrow, but in a vector editor it works faster.


I’ve used in the past, you can check it, they have good docs for it as well