Cannot save... error

I have been getting this error all day today:

Is there a way I can change the CDN and use a local copy instead? Or is there a setting I need to change somewhere in PG Pro v5.2 that would prevent it?

Pinegrow doesn’t use a CDN for Bootstrap. You probably copied this code along with something you found on the web, and pasted it into your site, and that’s where this error is coming from. Naturally, PG can’t save a file that’s delivered remotely. You need to look through your HTML.

RANDY… you really .need to read the docs
and learn bootstrap.


Your trying to save a remote file on someone else server back there.
funnily enough you cant.

and yes, …you can save locally.
have you ever?

looked at this?

…do you see the 2nd BIG BUTTON that says Download?
…do you see the bit written right next to it …about CDN’s?

you need to start doing a little bit more research on your queries.
like,…formulate the very first one well.
and save yourself the pain.

oh and this site?
its…where you get …>>Bootstrap …from.
and they have the docs.

you will find a LOT OF Y OUR ANSWERS here.
if only you looked.

…But, as usual, when I look at stuff for other people…I also see the lack of knowledge on my own part.
…now loosing hours of my life, looking into customising bootstrap!
I did really like @matjaz’s video on it , using the Bootstrap variables and modifying them, which is mentioned as. much better way to do It , that simply creating. your own custom.css to load after the bootstrap.css

Checking out Da 'Web, I found a comment on a bootstrap site, talking about customising that seems to say to do it the way that @matjaz advises and shows us how to do with the latest Pinegrow.
here is tha link to the advice.

so that is the comment on that simple advice.

here is @matjaz’s vid

using sass variables instead of just creating a custom.css and …having to find every instance of something that say uses a particular colour (or anything modified by Variables)

So if that is really the best way forward, based on the comment and the Fine video we have about it, then wow! what a great tool to have built into Pinegrow, if you really are into Bootstrap!

mmm this makes me wonder.
I don’t what to derail this thread so shall post a new one.
Cheers Randy for inspiring me again :slight_smile: , and you might find this slightly scary, but better way, maybe the way forward if you are doing lots of Bootstrap customisation.

You started me off on a whole new thread too :slight_smile: