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Cannot work out the master and repeated areas on the other pages



I have watched some tutorials but cannot find one that explains well how to to keep certain areas of a master page in sync with all the other pages.

I have a navbar, left and right side blocks which I would like in sycn with the other pages. The content div instead needs to change.

I have created the master page, this part is ok, what shall I do next please? I have pinegrow 4.8 and all the question marks for help next to the editable areas and other parts of the navigations are sending me to 404 pages.

I tried setting up the divs as “editable” but nothing happened on my second page(copied from the master page).

Thank you.


Hi Bennyboy,

you can study the (older) docs on this topic:

There is also a sample project available, which helped me to understand the setup:

After creating a master page, you can define an Editable Area for your content div.

Hope this helps.


Thanks, I finally worked it out, you have to click on update components each time you change something.

Very nice feature!