Can't see the Pinegrow-atom package in atom

Hi Guys,

Have recently set up a new laptop and installed all apps from fresh and have wanted to get Pinegrow and Atom working together.

I can’t find the package in Atom to activate as we used to previously

Do the two programs still play nice together or am I missing something


We have not been following the situation of the Atom extension repository since GitHub discontinued development in December 2022.

It is highly likely that it is no longer accessible. Nevertheless, the latest developments and fixes of our extension have not been applied to this version of the extension, and we recommend using Visual Studio Code where our extension remains available and regularly updated.

Hi Emmanuel,

Good to hear from you it has been a while and thanks for the reply

I will check out Visual Studio Code a little later

Do you have any documentation to show how to set up VSC and how it works with Pinegrow?

Regards Bruce

Sure, it’s available here : Visual Studio Code | Pinegrow Web Editor