Does Pinegrow 3 Still Support Atom?

Does Pinegrow 3 still support syncing with Atom? I’m getting Unable to connect to Pinegrow http://localhost:40001/editor?

If you look at the release notes on the main page of the pinegrow website they say that it has not been enabled yet due to bugs but they will get it working in upcoming updates.



A couple of features didn’t make it into the initial release of Pinegrow 3:

  • Atom integration, due to some technical issues. Atom integration will be back as soon as possible.
  • Bootstrap 4. But it’s next on our road map. As well as Foundation 6.4 and Font Awesome 4.7.
  • A separate VARS panel. For now, SASS and LESS variables can be edited in CSS List editor.
  • “Open as partial” from Pinegrow 2.x. Let us know if you need it. “Save partial” action is still here.