Dreamweaver Refugee: Troubles uninstalling Pine Grow

I’ve gotten my page so screwed up I just want to do a clean wipe and reinstall. Did it once this morning and after reinstalling it opened the same mess of a starting page. Help appreciated.

You shouldn’t need to uninstall Pinegrow. Just save your HTML file or project to a different directory. All the page and project settings are stored in the project, not as part of the Pinegrow application settings.

Indeed, I confirm the above statements. It is possible that the display of certain features may be disrupted after a Pinegrow update, and performing a reset can be beneficial. However, when it comes to the content of projects, reinstalling Pinegrow has no effect.

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Thanks for the quick response. Will give it a try.

Being inexperienced with this as I am, I should probably withhold comments but it seems to me at this point that it would be helpful to have a reset to default view button. My two cents. Thanks for taking the time to give a response :slightly_smiling_face: .

Try going to Window > Workspace > Default to reset it to the defaults.

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FYI, we have a pretty exhaustive documentation on this particular topic:

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