Clipboard window

Once in a while, when I do a CTRL+C to copy some code in the code editor, I’ll get this floating Clipboard window show up.

Is there any way to disable that, as for me it serves no real purpose, and I have to always manually close it each time it shows up. I couldn’t find anything in the settings regarding it, unless I’m missing it somehow.

(Using latest version of Pinegrow Standard)

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i haven’t tried this but can you save it’s location as part of a window layout?

position it out of the way and try saving your layout… then close it

when it comes back does it come back in the position you saved, or in the usual place?

That’s possible… I would hope they would just allow it to be disabled.

Not sure what triggers it. I’ve been trying to get it to appear (to try your suggestion), but I can’t get it to show up now.

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problem solved !

glad i could help :wink:

Came back again…

While it was up, I looked everywhere for some way I could disable it, or even dock it elsewhere… Nope.

It’s a pointless window (for me at least), with one feature… selecting how to paste the current content (before, after, etc). I always just do copy/paste the traditional way, so I’ve never even considered using it’s feature. So, ever time, I have to stop what I am doing, and close that window…

I find it annoying too. Perhaps it’s useful to someone, but wish I could turn it off.

It’s odd… such a big window for essentially one function… to select WHERE something is pasted (before, after, etc). Doesn’t seem like a huge timesaver, and I imagine most people just click where they want it to go, and paste, rather than using a ‘before/after’ kind of selection. If it’s to be kept, maybe have it as part of the (static) interface, rather than a popup…

But, ya, simply an option to disable it would be great.

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I second that being able to disable that copy window that randomly pops up from time to time. I’m not sure how/why it pops up but when it does I never need it.

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since this topic came up i’ve been trying to trigger it and i’m at a loss to understand exactly what circumstances call for it.

there doesn’t seem to be a way to call it up on demand, let alone kill it.

I know, right! I have no idea what the context is where it gets triggered. Since I posted, it stopped for a while, although finally did pop up randomly again.

Hi everyone, there is a feature request for this: Option to disable the clipboard popup

Give it a +1 so we can have the ability to disable that thing.