"\Components\Update the whole project" - any way to exclude certain files?

Almost all of my pages are controlled just by the master.html. They appear as –

However, two pages (contents.html and glossary.html) have a left sidebar –

If I apply “\Components\Update the whole project” then the sidebars are removed. My only solution is to temporarily rename these two files with a non-html extension before applying “\Components\Update the whole project” and then rename them back afterwards – not really ideal.

Is there a better way to handle this (perhaps some code within contents.html to preserve the sidebar)?

Don C.

Hi @dculp,
I would have to see:

  1. How the editable area of the Master page is set-up
  2. How the sidebar is added into the code.
    If everything between the header and footer is set as editable, you sidebars shouldn’t be stripped out.

If I have something like –

<div class="sidebar" data-pgc-edit="sidebar"> 

What is the significance of the name assigned to data-pgc-edit (sidebar in the above example)? Is the name used elsewhere?

Can data-pgc-edit have the same name as class (both sidebar in the above example)?

Hi @dculp,
The data-pgc-edit attribute is assigned to elements that get the ‘Define Editable’ action. There shouldn’t be any other editable areas defined with the same id, but having a class with the same name won’t be a problem.