Consider exact px on preview editor

PG should consider the exact dimension on the size on the preview. The horizontal is fine, but vertically you fill up the entire workspace as big as the screen can go, which makes previewing it a bad experience. I want to see the exact dimension, not as far down as it can go, especially when i have background set to cover.

Does this look like how a preview should be?

On a real browser, and on chrome browser device simulation, you won’t even be able to scroll as far down as that, because it’s set within the viewport.

I believe this is what you mean, it’s coming in Pinegrow Version 3, see here:

Instead of setting your view in Pinegrow to FIT… Change it to 100%. This is actual size.

Also… you can drag your window to see what your page looks like at different dimensions. Everybody’s screen is a different dimension, so this is very helpful.