How to choose default page view width?

Pinegrow opens pages at the large size (1024px). I’d rather them start off small (640px). Is there a setting for this? I tried closing Pinegrow, manually editing pinegrow.json, setting “last_page_width”:640 for every HTML file, and then reopening the project in Pinegrow. However, it seems to have had no effect.

Under the “Support” menu there is a “Settings” item.

Scrolling slightly down there is a checkbox for “Remember the width of the page view” That will save the view you were last using - so if it was your favorite breakpoint… Not quite what you asked for, but as close as Pinegrow can get right now!

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Ah, I didn’t have that option checked. That’s why it was ignoring the last_page_width numbers in pinegrow.json. Thanks!