Create Order Form

I want to learn how to create a (reasonably detailed) Submission Form in PG but the only support doc I can find is for WordPress.

Is there a ‘non-wordpress’ support doc or is the process the same with both so the about doc should be ok? Thanks

Hi @windspeed,
Forms in WordPress (PHP) versus non-WordPress (JavaScript, or…?) are very different. In WordPress there is easy and constant communication with the server by definition - for the most part it talks to the server to get and update content and the database. For non-WordPress pages some type of language needs to be set-up to talk to the server. If you want to store the form submission, you also need to set-up a database. So, there are multiple ways to do this, all requiring more significant code.

As a starting point, however, I encourage you to look at the Mozilla Development page on forms: Your first form - Learn web development | MDN

Thanks Bob, I’m working my way through the example before I try mine.