Creating a library of blocks in a single plugin

I am curious if there is a guide to creating a series of blocks within a single plugin.

There isn’t a guide, but you can create as many blocks as you want just by adding the Block action to other elements in your project.

Adam, thank you. This is where my confusion starts. Are these all loaded on one page, or can you create multiple files - one for each block? If the latter, I haven’t figured out how to do that.

Got it. You can create multiple files in your project and add blocks to each. They will all be exported to a single plugin.

One pinegrow project == one plugin with as many blocks as you can make.

As a practice, it’s worth organizing your blocks into one or more pages that make sense in context. One page per block could get unwieldy, but creating a system like the one below, for example, might help:

  • blocks-global.html → Blocks that you may use everywhere on your Wordpress site
  • blocks-home.html → Homepage-only blocks
  • blocks-loop.html → holds loops and various cards that you might want to use in them.
  • etc…

Again, thank you! I really appreciate the speed of the response and the assistance.


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