CSS Grid - Just a cent for your thoughts

Hi guys,

have I’ve ever told you that Pinegrow is the coolest up under the sun? If not - I did it hereby.

Currently, I’m extending my private PlugIn (called Reginald - the Magic Grid) by the CSS Grid functionality. At the day of writing, it is/was based on Flexbox. The interesting thing on CSS Grid is its huge amount of variation. You can have maximum flexibility and the like. Basically the plugin works pretty smooth so far, based on the very very raw functions of CSS Grid.

In all honesty, it seems to be such a huge challenge wrapping up all functions in a plug’n play that I doubt (huh), that CSS Grid is nothing for “Frameworking”. So should CSS Grid be handled as a new chance building websites from scratch or do you think of any chance to framework it?

I’m pretty interested of your thoughts (the PG devs heavily invited) what role CSS Grid will play in future and if it is the silent death of frame working?



Hi @Thomas

There is certainly opportunity to make a core section of reusable grid structure.

Which would probably work towards many sites as the underlying grid base, since most sites have followed the same visual design pattern for the last decade. Of course this has been largely due to the lack of proper CSS layout and the onset of widespread use of frameworks. So you can have a basic reusable grid setup to mimic this ongoing rigid visual grid style but using CSS Grid.

However with CSS Grid, the beauty of it is being able to more easily break out of these rigid grids and discover new and imaginative layouts. For now however perhaps most sites will remain following this same design pattern even when using CSS Grid. But at least the CSS will be a lot cleaner and the opportunity for expansion and diversification is much easier. With hopefully less hacks and workarounds needed moving into the future.

But there are still things to consider when adopting CSS Grid. There remains things the browsers need to unify and catch up on in general for CSS. But the future seems bright regarding CSS when it comes to visual presentation and design possibilities.

@thomas Do you want a refund for my 2 cents. :smile:

Ha - no! Apologize for not coming back to you, but haven’t had much time recently.

Well - that the legacy browser support is low (if not of existence) doesn’t scare me much.
That the “future” will give answers? - sure.

But what to say? Waiting for the others?

I fear, that CSS Grid will open another “we need templates” round. Perhaps even more excessive as we already have right now.