Css not applied

I am starting my Pinegrow adventure, as with everything there are significant problems with finding a way around.
I am working wth HTML theme, want to preserve styles, but also to add some of mine.
One of my biggest issues is there is no css that I apply is not applied, I tried to add to style.css in theme nothing happens, I am very confused how this work.
Any help?
Thank you

Hi @dakiriki. I’ll try to demonstrate how I do it when using the Bootstrap framework and hopefully it will be helpful to you. After opening PG and creating a new Bootstrap page then adding a row and column to the layout I’m going to apply css to the column background. Screenshot of pre-styled layout with the column I plan to style selected:

Then I click on the CSS tab followed by +Add rule, then I name my style and select whether I want to assign it to the selected element, in my case column (Create & Assign class) or not (Create).

Then I add whatever values I want to apply to this style. If I’ve chosen to Create & Assign class I see the changes applied to the column as I edit the style, see screenshot:

If I just opted for Create the style won’t be applied until I select the element (column) and in the CSS tab select the + symbol beside the style I wish to apply to the element I’ve already selected. If an element already has a style applied the + symbol displays as a - symbol so you can remove the style.

Hope this makes sense and that it helps you figure out how to apply styles. Any further questions feel free to ask.

Sorry, I did not express myself correctly.
What I wanted to say is, I expect to have my custom CSS rules to be in style.css of Wp theme I am creating.
So, after a bit of play with importing CSS in Pinegrow I was able to get CSS rules to be written into style.css, but by looking at functions.php it appears that get_template_directory_uri() is pointing to HTML directory, not wp theme?
At first, I thought that problem was in the style.css file of HTML theme but remained after I renamed a file and imported my style.css.
So my question should be, I think:

  1. How to keep existing styling of an HTML theme and add custom directly toWP theme style.css so it is ready to use?
  2. How to get that style.css is properly recognized by WP, as changing path in functions.php does not help?
    This is the part where I am getting confused, I figured part with creating CSS rules from the tutorial.
    I am not WP noob but I am a noob in Pinegrow, that seem to be very good tool for rapid development.
    This is my learning project and most likely I am making mistakes :slight_smile:
    I like what I see so far, just there are many blurry parts :slight_smile: