Currently the best frontend-developer-tool with wysiwyg editing

After two days working intensively with this great program, I must say that PG is the best frontend developer tool that I could find so far (and I have tested many Frontend-Editors).
The program demonstrate impressive that modern Frontend programming works with WYSIWYG editing and drag 'n drop. And who needs an up-to-date code editing, can use Atom parallel.
Despite the small imperfections, I’m excited.
Anyone who knows a better program, should present it here.

Dreamweaver is not an alternative, it is dinosaur, shortly before the extinction ( i have tested the actual beta).

Whether I will switch from my actuallly recent favorite “Brackets” (in combination with “Prepros” for compiling) to PG, will be seen over time. Probably it depends of the specific tasks.
I’m curious to version 3.0 and the implementation of SASS (which I prefer)

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PInegrow is excellent :grin: before I used Pinegrow I had little knowledge of coding, yet I’m now able to create websites from scratch using atom, html/css and see the results in Pinegrow, this is what set’s it apart from other wysiwyg editors, as it doesn’t generate proprietary coding, so what you learn in pinegrow means you’re learning about web development.

I also use bootstrap studio, which is also excellent, but PInegrow’s layout is superior, plus with Pinegrow it allows you to experiment more and understand how the code works. you learn more from using Pinegrow than online courses.