Customize in... does not open the choosen file


I create a new Bootstrap 4 page and open it as a project.
Example is the pricing.html offered in the “new page” screen
I have the pricing.html open.
I open the Stylesheet _variables.scss in the styling panel.
Then I search for heading since I want to do something with the $heading-color in _variables.scss.
I right click $heading-color and then choose custom.scss.
After I clicked that file nothing happens it does not switch to the custom.scss in the style panel. Also custom.scss does not get this variable in the file when I check the file in the editor. I tried stop and starting PGW 5.991 again but did not help. I have seen this behaviour before with my PGW versions,

Hi @mazzel,
That context menu can be a little tricky. After you select the file where you want to duplicate the variable into, you have to click ‘customize’ again, like so:


Ah, just after posting this Issue I found how to solve it…
When I first right click the variable to customize it then I have to choose which file it should go to.
I then choose: custom.scss.
Nothing happened after that selection. It did not open custom.scss
But what I missed is that I must click after that selection left from the file name, it acts somehow as a button I think. I marked that area green in below picture, so there is where you have to click to get it done !

p.s. I found this fix after looking very close to the video from Matjaz: How to easily customize Bootstrap 4 with Pinegrow Web Editor - YouTube or page

if that is the same menu used for overiding framework styles such as bootstrap etc, then I think that is what used to catch me out too.
Not terribly intuitive UI there.
normal convention, you’d expect the last step to be AFTER the selection, ie, on the right or below (if your a western style reader that is)

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