Data attributs of <a>-tag

Help! I don’t understand why the code is extended with lots of attributes like in the following example:

<a href="#" spellcheck="false" data-medium-editor-element="true" role="textbox" aria-multiline="true" data-medium-editor-editor-index="4" medium-editor-index="893fccb5-2a63-6855-2784-86cb4bc460a2" data-placeholder="Type your text" data-medium-focused="true">Link TEXT</a>

What happened here? I couldn’t find any explanation on that.

Thanks for any idea.

Well, one thing is sure, this code is not generated by Pinegrow.
Is it a template that you did not create yourself? Did you copy/paste some code?

Hm, interesting. I think I duplicated the link and then copied the parent paragraph and pasted it to another page of the same project. Maybe it’s added by apple macOS on copying? I must try to reproduce this.

Thanks so far. That avoids searching at the wrong place :slight_smile: .