Debugging options and other features

Hi, I recently discovered and am following the PineGrow project with much enthusiasm. I love it for so many reasons and wanted to contribute by submitting some suggestions that, from my point of view, could improve the program (always in case it is possible to add them).

For example, is it possible to include some debugging options? Or does it make sense to include these kinds of features inside PineGrow? Features like:

Disable CSS page
A toggle to disable all html classes on the page so that the HTML structure can be displayed.

Disable images on a page
A toggle to have the function of hiding images and showing alt text.

These two new items, could be grouped with the β€œCheck for broken links & Check for HTML errors” menu items, in β€œPage” menu.

Enable Dark Mode
A toggle to enable the chrome://flags #enable-force-dark flag.
Currently it is possible to enable it manually, but it is a bit inconvenient.

In addition to this kind of functionality, it would be nice to have more control over the tabs.

As I understand it, PineGrow is made with nw.js /chromium and the pages opened within the program represent the tabs of a browser.

Enable a context menu on the tab name on right-click.
When managing a project with multiple open pages, it would be more convenient for the user to have the ability to take advantage of some basic options such as:

  • Close;
  • Save (optional, since it is included as a keyboard shortcut);
  • Save and Close;
  • Pin.

When working with multiple tabs open and needing to switch from one tab to another frequently, the extended name of the tabs can slow down this transition.

The β€œPin” feature that many browsers offer can be useful for not only sorting tabs but also for achieving a less cluttered appearance.

When you pin a tab its title is hidden. It can also come in handy for those working on small screens.

Enable full-screen mode
Hide the application titlebar via keyboard shortcut (F11).

WooCommerce, support for mini-cart template
Is it possible to add an action to generate the mini-cart.php template?

These are the ideas I have come up with so far.
Please let me know if all in all these ideas are feasible in an application like PineGrow and if it makes sense to consider integrating them, or if I don’t understand anything about how PineGrow works and should invest my time in something else, such as growing tomatoes.

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