Design Panel Colors

I’m liking the new theme.json for the design panel colors. Two feature requests to make it even better:

  1. Allow us to name our own slugs. This will allow a nice readable name (with space) in WP and a safe (longer) slug name so there is no chance of conflicts with other plugins
  2. Allow the colors in the design panel to be reorganized (right now if you add a new color you can’t move it up with similar colors)

Thanks for considering this improvement :smiley:


+1 for renaming the slugs, and +100 for reorganizing them :slight_smile:

@jonroc @adamslowe renaming colors is already possible. Or am I missing something?

Reordering colors with SHIFT + drag is coming in the next release.

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@matjaz Nope, you aren’t missing anything. Renaming works better than my brain apparently, when I replied to the post.


@matjaz Hi,

I can rename colors but I’m looking to be able to name the color and the slug for WP. Right now, the color name in PG is the color name and the slug name in WP. I’d like the slug to be a safer and longer string that I can control and the color name to be human readable when shown in WordPress.

My UI does not have a shift and hold option and holding down shift does nothing in Windows:


To be clearer, I want to change this slug while also being able to change the name to a human readable name with a space in it if needed: