Does VSCode + LiveServer not work with Pinegrow?

Hi. I have been successfully using Pinegrow (Stanard) + VSCode, but recently installed the LiveServer extrension for VSC, and even though it appears to have installed and is activated, I do not get the GoLive button nor the Open In LiveServer menu item.

I’m wondering if the Pinegrow extension for VSC (that allows communication/sync between PG and VSC) somehow interferes/prevents the LiveServer functionality?

If not, any ideas what might be the problem?

(Win7Pro, Pinegrow Standard, VSC with Pinegrow and LiveServer extension)

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you may need to make sure your extension using the same local host address as the PG extension

just stabbing at the darkness

also that may be a PRO thing, and not available on STD.

Hi, droidgoo… Okay, I’ll check the address. The version of Pinegrow shouldn’t matter, though, since it’s an extension/feature of Visual Studio Code, not Pinegrow.

i only mention that because it sounds like a project thing, do you have the plugin at the top of the Libraries and Plugins scree that say “Server Side Scripts” ?

You mean in Pinegrow? It’s not installed in Pinegrow, as it’s a VSCode plugin, and (technically) has nothing to do with Pinegow. I’m only posting in the Pinegrow forum about this in case the Pinegow interaction (via the VSCode Pinegrow plugin) is somehow jamming the functionality. Otherwise, it’s purely a VSCode thing. It doesn’t even seem to work if Pinegrow is not running, though. Not sure what the issue is, since it seems to have installed and activated fine. Just kind of hoping someone here might know, seeing as a lot of people who use Pinegrow also use VSCode alongside of it, and I imagine many/most also use the LiveServer plugin with it.

Hi @ladlon
I have the plugin working well with Pinegrow. Out of the box you should be able to serve HTML, but there is also a Chrome extension that serves .php, maybe .net, as well.
I’m on a mac with chrome as my browser - haven’t tried getting it working with any other browser. Also didn’t have to do any changes to the configuration.
Note - you will get auto-updating of CSS, but HTML only updates with save out of the box. I’ve seen tutorials out there to change this behavior.
At any point, it allows me to have a browser preview, Pinegrow, and VSCode all at once.

I’m on Win7 using Firefox. Never got LiveServer to work. It installs fine, activates fine, but none of the menu/button items show up, so I can’t use it. I’ve given up on it, unless someone here can tell me what might be wrong.

Up to now, I just have Firefox open (along with Pinegrow and VSCode), and I get a preview fine without need of a plugin. I just hit CTRL+S in either PG or VSCode, switch over to Firefox, and hit F5 to refresh the browser. Not ‘live’, but it does the job.

It seems all LiveServer saves me is hitting F5 on the browser, so I’m not crying too hard about not being able to get it to work. All the vids I see do the same setup as me, but they get the buttons/menu items, and I don’t.