Pinegrow and Vs Code

Hi all i’m a newbie learning to code, i use Pinegrow with VsCode iv’e watched the video’s on how to set them both up but for some strange reason i keep getting this prompt from VsCode,

Unable to connect to Pinegrow at http://localhost:40003/editor.

I have copied the Api from Pinegrow to VsCode,uninstalled and reinstalled Pinegrow try to change the settings in VsCode but i get the same prompt ???

I guess it’s a very simple fix for the more experienced but as i say i’m a newbie so i guess i’m making a simple mistake, if anyone could help shed some light on this would be much appreciated as i’m trying to finish a course and using VsCode with Pinegrow makes coding so much easier for me.


you need to go into the settings on both apps and make sure they agree on the host values

mine are both set to



which is, i believe, the default

Hello droidgoo,
yea i have gone into both Apps and set the port and host details but still have same issue.

Thanks for your reply.

this is what i have in my VSC extension setting

have you tried changing both to these values, or are you set on using the ones you posted

not sure using a named ip address is going to work, i would go with the explicit form of the number ip…

looks like there is a dns functioning so localhost works,
but when i tried using your values, this weirdness happens

Capture i tried using your

try taking the /editor off the port number, i don’t think it is needed, and it screwed mine up when i tried it.

Hi droidgoo,
firstly thanks for all your help i just managed to get them both to sync.
Tbh i can’t say i anything Techical apart from go through the same process for the
80th time,close VsCode and then Pinegrow and then restart in the reverse order
and for strangely it worked.
I was getting the same error as in your screen shot, i have been on this since yesterday (lol)
so i’m very happy to have got it sorted with your help.

I’ve been looking to find a Workflow like this using Pinegrow and a good text editor to help me learn to code and have a better understanding of what the code is doing and how to solve when it’s not working, for me this is defo the way forward, PERFECT.
A very happy newbie coder.

Thanks drooidgoo.


glad you got it working… there’s still some kinks in the communication between PG, VSC and my mouse hand that could use improvement, but it’s handy to have a text editor with all the bells and whistles.

ur gonna want spell right too and you figure out how to get that to work, you let me know.