Dreamweaver Refugee: Needing some help to get off of square one

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I bought this program over a year ago and have not yet figured out how to use it. I’m trying to convert some old Dreamweaver CS6 websites where I have used a header and footer includes. The footer shouldn’t be any problem once I get my aging brain wrapped around how to do elements or whatever you call it but the header uses a multiple level drop down navigation bar. Any of you familiar with Dreamweaver might recognize Project Seven and their Adaptive Menu Magic which is what most of my sites use. I’m assuming that most likely won’t play well with PineGrow. Anyway, if any of you might like to step in and give an old webmaster (since 1997 and addled with three separate covid infections) a hand up to be able to use this program it would be very much appreciated. To me it has great possibilities if I can just get over this initial hump. Thanks in advance!!!

Hi @HockingWebGuy Robert,

I see no reason The P7 stuff shouldn’t work in Pingrow, except the Dreamweaver Extension that spits the P7 App out only works in DreamWeaver of course. The HTML, CSS and JavaScript is well written by Garry & All and should work.

Are you talking about PHP includes?

Unfortunately they don’t show in Pinegrow and for that you would have to use MAMP or a other local server to be able to see the header and footer in the browser.


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Hi, HockingWebGuy,
Maybe I can help if you give me a better idea what you need. If it’s getting Project 7 drop-down navbar to work in Pinegrow it looks like it can be done. I found a site using that menu on the Web, imported the site into Pinegrow along and got the html, css and javascript files throught inspector which I linked in the to the folders the project and it all “seems” to work. I’m not sure about copyright issues with their css and javascript code, maybe someone else can comment on that.
As for struggling with the Pinegrow UI, I hear you. I only picked it up a couple of years ago with very little coding experience and I was close to giving up until, after many months, things finally started to click. Now I’m happy I left the web builder world. I still have a lot more to learn, but think it’s a great tool, especially since it pairs so well with VScode and remains a totally open system that can produce projects ready to be hosted anywhere.

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Thank you Rayhood for your wonderful response! Yes, I just seem to be running into issues as I go along this journey that stop me in my path. I was quite excited when I just took one of my website folders that had been created with DW and dumped it into a new project on Pinegrow. Everything but the navigation and a couple elements of the footer worked. So the includes weren’t being recognized which also housed the navigation. My coding skills have been deteriorating along with my age but I am committed to leaving DW to go to Pinegrow and will gladly receive any assistance. Thanks again. :grinning:

Well, I’m no spring chicken myself, at 64, but the heck with that, Ha ha! You’re probably well ahead of me as a developer. I tried coding a couple of times earlier in life, but with running a restaurant and raising a family I didn’t get very far. When the pandemic hit, I closed my restaurant, started another rental business, and began writing for and then designing my own website which thrust me right back into the world of Web development and now I’m lovin’ it.

I’m not familiar with Dreamweaver’s output, but check that the following files are linked correctly in the HTML: p7AMM-01.css and p7AMMscripts.js. In the site I looked at (https://www.padfield.com/aboutus/colophon.html) These were the essential files.There was also a duplicate CSS file called Addaptive.css (which didn’t seem to be necessary).

Anyway, I’m not sure what your project folder looks like on your end. Maybe you’ve already got it working in Pinegrow. Let me know how it went.