Will easily build a responsive page that will load in less than 3 seconds?

I’m an old dreamweaver developer (hacker to be more appropriate) but I’ve used it for over 20 years and stopped at CS6 (still using CS6). Looking for a replacement but speed seems to be a big factor for Google. Additionally can I use Project Seven plugins developed for DW for complex php menus, etc.?

Hi @HockingWebGuy,

Projectseven extensions are purely made to work in Dreamweaver and PHP works limited in Pinegrow. For example PHP includes don’t work. Of course you could spit out a P7 menu in DW and work on it in Pinegrow. Have used DW CS3 till CS6 my self in the past and P7 stuff, but work mainly in Sublime Text with MAMP now. I use Pinegrow for quick Bootstrap HTML prototyping and the Greensock animation extension. I don’t find Pinegrow a serious partner for Pro webdesign, but that’s my personal taste of course.
How quick your website will load is the result of your personal skills and has nothing to do with the webdesign app you use.


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I just noticed Adobe had updates available for the entire CS6 creative suite including DreamWeaver (DW). Went ahead and updated everything and hoping it doesn’t bite me (trust level for Adobe is well below the basement for me). According to another post I ran across they are updating to the second version back from the most current DW CC for the CS6. I always have problems setting up my templates in DW, so am wondering if I might be able to speed up the process with Pinetree. My current thought process is to create what I can that’s html in Pinetree, dump it into DW and then engage some of my P7 tools. Doable?

The latest update for CS6 was 10 years ago:

So I think your mistaken with the Adobe extension manager!

The name is Pinegrow not Pinetree!

You can’t just copy DW templates to Pinegrow, but Pinegrow has it’s own system:

Of course you can not edit P7 stuff, because the extension doesn’t work in Pinegrow, you can edit a ready made menu or other creation of P7 in Pinegrow.