Dreamweaver to Pinegrow transition

The advantage of DW all those years ago was that it was FTP intergrated with the Page development. Can anyone suggest anything I can read do to get my head around working with Pinegrow and a separate FTP (I’ve picked Filezilla for no particular reason, anything easier?)

Hi @windspeed,
Filezilla is just fine - don’t know your OS, so I can’t make specific suggestions (I like Cyberduck).
The basic work-flow with FTP is to:

  1. Connect to your site - your host should have instructions on IP/user name/password/port
  2. Select files to be uploaded making sure to keep them in the correct folder structure and relative order
  3. Select the destination and transfer
    I recommend that you save any FTP transfer until you are nearly done or completely done with the pages. It is much easier to do the bulk of the work locally.
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There you go…wasn’t as hard (or as scary!) as I thought it would be.
I’m up and running now.

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