When is FTP coming?

One thing I do like about DW is the built in FTP. There is a choice to automatically FTP upon local save which is nice to have.

I’m hoping PG has this in version 3…is this possible?

I think that may happen - the developers released a CMS version and one of the requests from users was to have a built-in FTP, for clients to easily upload content changes, so I would guess if that happens they will include FTP within all versions.


@ShorePatrol if you are using Atom + PG you can add a package that will give it FTP abilities.

I actually do not want FTP in my code editors and design software. I had an issue a log time ago where an FTP enabled software uploaded my local version then updated my local version from my server version wiping out all my changes to date and making a mess to the point I had to start over from scratch. NIGHTMARE.

Since then I use a stand alone software that I manually update my live sites with. IF they enable FTP in pinegrow I want a way to turn it off or remove it completely preferably as a plugin that I can deactivate and delete from my computer. I don’t want a editor to decide when things need to be updated especially since PG likes to reformat code I don’t want it dictating when and where things get uploaded too. That’s my 2 cents.

That software was Dreamweaver by the way. Completely rewrote and deleted my local versions to match the layout of the online site with folder structure etc… lost months worth of work. I use Filezilla now, it only uploads what I tell it and where I tell it.

Yeah, I do DIFF backups every day because you never know.

But I like FTP in the design software because I typically use remote servers as the testing site - so having to bounce in and out of different application is a pain - DW has the “PUT on SAVE” function which I like, and can be turned off if needed.

I’m not keen on integrated FTP either (another Filezilla here)…but I like the idea of plug-ins, so if someone wants FTP, it can be added.

I have just found this software and it seems like a very good alternative to Adobe Muse.
If a CMS mode FTP uploader is coming it would make Pinegrow excellent. Is it available or on the way?
Also, is there a spell checker?

@Jim Pinegrow can integrate with Atom which you can then use for ftp as far as I know.

Thank you, I make websites for parish councils. They tend to be made up of older people that would like an easy publish button. This is what I was hoping for and also a spell checker. I know there is a spell checker in brackets and may use this to check spellings in the future.

I agree - needs ftp option (even as an add-on or pug-in is fine)

Anyone know of a good open-source filezilla like program? One thing that would concern me about publishing this as a plugin is that I don’t know how platform agnostic it could be. Might be difficult to cover mac, windows, and linux OS.

For Windows I can recommend WinSCP (free and open source).

erm…cough cough
umm, how about


I think you will find it supports the required Operating systems and
is open source, and is SOOOOOOO FileZilla like, its shocking.

it might be a clone, or you never know, even,

the real deal!

And I have never had an issue with it.

Humour (and bemusement as to WHY NOT FileZilla?) aside,. I have also used cyber duck


you can get the source code on GitHub for them I think -but, alas, no Linux support

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WHAT! You used me… I feel weird now!
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Kinda forgot about the duck too…er. Cyberduck that is! :slight_smile:
I find FileZilla does all and far more than I need.
I suppose if there was something that banged that open from within pinegrow, that would be pretty awesome.

I have no problem with adored (I think), as long as I don’t loose any feathers while being adored! Don’t want them to be “transferred and uploaded” to a pillow. I just count (and recounted) them, It looks like I still got them all.

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