Dreamwever CS6 crashes when I try to open my latest Interactions website

I just finished building a website (https://rjrwebz.com/outdoorsy) and cannot open it in Dreamweaver - crashes on all my Macs when I try yo open any of the site’s pages. Never has this issue before. The only thing different is this is the first site that I’m using Interactions. Any of you having this same issue and that this could be a bug? Or have I botched something?

seems to be working fine on my end with windows and using firefox or opera…

noticed your pull-out slider thing is attached to the window frame and not the inside edge of the scroll bar like mine is positioned with right: 0;

not sure if that has anything to do with anything, but thought i’d mention it… seems to work fine tho.

Thanks for pointing out my slide-out wasn’t inside the row. I changed it but that didn’t help… Dreamweaver still crashes when I try to open any of the pages in the app. :worried:

Yikes! I duplicated the Outdoorsy website and in the copy, I removed all the Interactions scripting, js and actions from the homepage and it now opens in Dreamweaver without crashing. I think Dreamweaver CS6 does not work well with the Interactions script.
So… is this a bug in Interactions or is DWCS6 too old to handle the IA scripting?

I would guess its CS6 due to lack of support for a modern JS feature it never supported. Does the app crash report tell you anything or can you see any errors left over in Dreamweaver’s JS console etc., did CS6 have one? You could also try the Adobe Dreamweaver forum I’m sure many users still use pre CC Dreamweaver over there and may have experience with incompatibilities.

Out of curiosity what features in CS6 are you using (server behaviors?) that require the trip from Pinegrow?

EDIT: :thinking:

Instead, it may actually be due to the use of ScrollMagic by Pinegrow Interactions. Which it uses and has yet to be updated to GSAP 3 & ScrollTrigger.

Maybe something in the below link will help your situation.

Dreamweaver CS6 crashing is not a bug in Interactions :wink:

It looks like Dreamweaver may have issues with ScrollMagic which PGIA uses.

@Pinegrow_User thanks for doing the research on the issue with DW. Update to GSAP3 and ScrollTrigger is currently in progress. Going smoothly so far, it should be out in September.

Here’s a sneak peek:


I updated to Dreamweaver CC 2020 and do not have any problems opening My PGIA webpages - so it is an issue with the older Dreamweaver CS6. Unfortunately the newer Dreamweaver apps lack server behaviors which I have to add back in with a third party extension (Webassist’s Databridge). The other Adobe caveat is they no longer offer perpetual licensing - you have to opt for a monthly or an annual and renew accordingly. And most unfortunate, Adobe reserves the right to remove functional extensions or supporting apps without much notice (e.g. Extension Manager, Server Behaviors, MySQLi dB interfacing, etc) so I put off updating to the near bitter end. :frowning_face:

Dreamweaver’s only place in my workflow is in the trashcan. :joy: