When can we expect the update to GreenSock 3.2.6?

Hi @matjaz ,

At the moment I’m busy with creating 2 new websites for my own web design company. It would be nice to know when I can expect the 3.2.6 GreenSock update for interactions so I can use the new features for animating my websites.

I need to know if it makes sense to wait for the update or not! :wink:



So͞on they say, but yes it would be interesting regarding any update on that meaning.

They have also declared to be working on and improving things regarding documentation, etc.,.

You can always use GSAP directly without interactions (anytime) in the meantime. :+1:

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Following! I also am on GSAP3 and can’t use the Interactions Add-On until it’s compadible with the latest version of GSAP.