Dropdown menu in Wordpress with Tailwind

Hello everyone, I’m hoping someone can provide me with some guidance.

I am currently working on a one-level dropdown menu, and I have implemented dropdown animations using JavaScript (JS).
This is the non wordpress preview.

To clarify the structure, I have placed the Smart Menu on the div that contains the main navigation. As for the submenu, specifically the “menu item with dropdown,” it is located on the div where I have multiple subitems.

Unfortunately, is not working. The moment I use submenus everything stops working. I am wondering if there is a recommended approach for achieving this functionality in WordPress, and if there is any documentation available specifically for implementing it with PG and TW .

Additionally, to your opinion, is Bootstrap considered more “friendly” or compatible when working with WordPress menus and PG?

Thank you in advance to anyone who can provide help!

I came to a solution for configuring my custom submenu in WordPress. I’ve registered two menus - one for the primary navigation bar and the other for the submenu. To assign specific pages to the desired menu in WordPress, I make use of menu locations. It may seem unconventional, but it effectively achieves the desired functionality.