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Hi how do I add dynamic content to my website?

I currently make a workout website and all the workouts have the same page layout with just little changes. I could use a master page and edit the differences, but this would result in hundreds of pages.

How can I use dynamic content in Pinegrow? Thanks

Hi @Eike,
The dynamic content needs to be supplied through the server - either assembled on the backend before delivery, or selectively updated through server queries. So, you have to decide what system you are going to use to populate your page. Do you want to go with Ajax calls and plain Javascript? Something a little more high-tech, like react.js or node.js? There are a LOT of frameworks out there to tackle this. They all require some modification of your workflow with Pinegrow, since a lot of them require the HTML to be split up into components. Anyway, this is a really deep subject and a great learning experience.
Good Luck!

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Or you could just use a CMS like WordPress? (or any other CMS)

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thanks for your answer. This seems really complicated. To bad there arent any tutorials from pinegrow on this subject.

There is a lot of ground to cover with this question and can really only be handled with a number of tutorials. It isn’t Pinegrow specific and there are a ton of great tutorials that can easily be used along side Pinegrow. A tool that some Pinegrow users (well, at least 1) have been using is HTMX.js. It is a smallish JavaScript library for helping out with what you are trying to do and they have some good tutorials.

thanks alot. it looks like a great site to learn from

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