Not really about WP, but still CMS - 11ty

Hi all, I was watching a tutorial by Kevin Powell,taking about 11ty and it was really inspiring for me, to see a chance to build a dynamic website, skipping the PHP part. So that was kind of inspiring in that sense: I learned that there’s a way to achieve my goal, and I can take advantage of Pinegrow as a design tool to structure my whole layout and then accordingly to the instructions, build the dynamic part separately with the few adjustments needed as it was demonstrated in the tutorial. So, here comes my main questions:

  1. As I never built a dynamic Web site from scratch, is it a reasonableidea to try that way instead of building a WP theme?
  2. Does anyone of you reading, has ever made a combo between 11ty and Pinegrow?
  3. Does the CMS part integrated in Pinegrow works more or less like a manual database of content? (if it is so, I don’t mind give it a try because the final idea of my site is to write some articles and some latest graphic works + the static main page which gets those new entries in a dedicated section).

Hope it was all clear and to have some feedback from You guys @matjaz @Emmanuel @RobM

Have a good day.

Ps this is the link to the video tutorial I talked in the beginning of this post

Hi @tytusie,

I don’t have any experience with 11ty, but had a quick look at their docs.

Looks like they are a javascript-based SSG, though you don’t use javascript and only use templating languages to author your templates. I notice that eleventy is installed via npm, and during development, use a devserver to compile & serve your site. So, I guess when you open your html-based templates in Pinegrow, you won’t see your {{…}} expressions with actual data.

Pinegrow works nicely with static html at the moment and includes preprocessors/compilers only for the css part like scss/less/tailwind.

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Hi, thanks for Your time. I saw that process, and I admit it could be a little challenging for me to switch from Pinegrow to VSCode but in the end it would be like the matter of having two separate folders, where if I make some changes to the layout I just then go to the deployment folder and paste the updated sections (or whatever) and the css…but…I can forseen some mess after time, not remembering where & what… Anyway, I saw [but never went to much in depth] that Pinegrow has a CMS part in it - how it works? Is it like a static page generator that works in a similar fashion as 11ty but more internally? I mean, if I i set up a template page page for my blog article, can I just then fill out some information (title, description, excerpt etc) and then have it saved as a single new page in the sub folder?

BTW I had a quick look at the documentation here in Pinegrow and I noticed that the link for the Mr Pjne CMS tutorial is broken @matjaz @Emmanuel

I assume you are referring to a broken link you found on the documentation site?

it’s here - thank You for the other link

Thanks, it’s fixed (changes should be effective in a few minutes/hours at your location)

It is a very simple solution with all content stored directly in HTML files. It doesn’t do stuff such as going through blog posts data and generate output files.

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ok, I see. Thank You Matjaz.