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Hi team! Sorry for all the questions(there’s many more, I’m just drip feeding you). One day I’ll be helping out in the comments too but for now, I will humbly continue to wear my newbie badge status.

QUESTION: I’m trying to find a way to make my full page navigation menu editable in the wp admin.
I figured that I could create a mobile menu for the links that can be edited through the menu panel but I also have social icons and a cta button on the full page menu too.
Any hints on how to implement? Page Template maybe? If so, how?

@Hannah as always, there are more options :slight_smile:

You could create a Footer block, if the theme is simple and block based:

Another way to use the block is by adding a Footer Sidebar to the theme template and then add the custom Footer block inside that.

And there are more traditional approaches using editable sidebars and customizer fields:

I’m sure there are other approaches as well. In my experience, any of the above works well and provides as much flexibility as needed by the project.

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Thank you for pointing me in the right direction. These documents look very helpful.