ELEMENTOR Acquires WPLayers, WPThemes - and releases them for free

Here is the site ,

and here is the bumf.


I really liked tinkering with Elementor a little while ago and kind of like their ethos too.

Who thinks what about Them?
Elementor and these no released with pro feature for free Themes?
Anyone played with Elementor?

And… I particularly like this post in the comments… because its EXACTLY what I was thinking>


because…lets face it, WP is Overkill for most sites that most people want to chuck up, short codes etc and I’m really intrigued by the furore that Gutenberg has whipped up.
And I was also wondering about our very own PG and Gutenberg.
And how it would affect Theme development, the need for it etc.

Gutenberg might be a good thing for the average use.
So, this is a different slant, but as well as this merger,
what do you guys think about

Elementor on its own
And Project Gutenberg and its likely effect on theme development etc?

And this is the Layers WP Theme devs take on their sale of their business to Elementor.

interesting times in WebWorld.